Professional Film Scanning Service

Cine Film Transfer

Our Film Transfer Process

  • Your film is carefully cleaned, repaired and conditioned prior to transfer.        
  • We will not rush this process so please don’t ask!
  • We can transfer 8mm, 9.5mm, Super 8 & 16mm, film.
  • We use the latest digital frame scanning technology. This produces superb, flicker free results with edge to edge focus. We do not use antiquated domestic projectors!
  • After capture, we enhance, colour correct and add music (if desired).
  • With 25yrs experience of film transfer, we have seen it. We are experts at handling poor quality film that needs extra TLC.


Every film format, we’ve got you covered

Film Formats v2


Frame by Frame

Our capture method records all the data in every frame of film. An average order has 75,000 captured frames, which are digitally compiled to ensure smooth playback.


Latest LED

Light-emitting diodes run cool, protecting film during capture. This filament-less lighting is specifically focused for film digitization.


 Flicker Removal

Our intelligent software digitally removes flicker, ensuring smooth and clear playback every time. You’ve never seen it this good.


Pro Equipped

We’ve invested in the same equipment used by the Motion Picture Academy in Hollywood. No bed sheet here.

Need a great gift idea?

Home Movies on DVD make wonderful gifts for family members. It’s also a good way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren.

Let us know if you would like your film transferred in a particular sequence. If no preference is made we will make a best guess and try to transfer your films in date order. We cannot accept responsibility for out of sequence films.

If usable sound is present on the film it will be transferred to your DVD at no extra charge. Any splices or joins that need replacing will be done at no extra charge. It would be helpful if you could let us know if you suspect the film damaged or badly repaired in any way.

Cine to DVD – Cine Film Transfer FAQ

Why should you transfer Cine Film to DVD?

Cine film becomes brittle and dry with age. Archive film can also be susceptible to mould damage if badly stored.

The best way to preserve the content of your precious family memories and to enjoy and relive those times once again is to transfer your film to DVD.